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Since 2009, Integrated Environmental Technology, LLC (IET) has provided Environmental Services for the Solid Waste Industry that include monitoring, maintenance, and installation of infrastructure to support the capture and treatment of methane and liquid leachate. We continue to expand our research and the development of new technologies in environmental monitoring with data analysis that support and improve on our core landfill service competencies.

Our Values

Innovation – Discovering new ways to leverage technology solutions for environmental management is critical for us to bring the most value to our clients.

Dependability – All our clients know when they call, we answer; when they need anything for their site, we ensure it is taken care of properly and with consideration of your total system.

Our Team

We have over 70 years of environmental management and engineering experience.

Randall L Adkins, President, MGRM B.S. Construction Management, Thirty years of construction management experience working ten years in the U.S. Army Managing Construction of both Vertical and Horizontal Infrastructure Projects. Mr. Adkins has been the V.P. of Operations for an Engineering Firm, Two Civil Highway Construction Companies and V.P. of Environmental Construction Firm.

Michael L. Daniels, MGRM, B.S. Engineering, Twenty-five years experience in the Environmental Construction Industry. Mr. Daniels probably has more experience installing landfill gas systems than anyone in the U.S. Over the last twenty years he has constructed landfills, closed landfills with caps, installed gas systems all over the U.S. states. He has also managed many Federal Superfund projects with soil and liquid contaminations. Mr. Daniels is second to none in estimating and managing environmental projects. His field experience is in high demand with most of the customers when finding solutions, designing projects and getting them completed on time.

David W. Burns, M.S. Electrical Engineering. 22 years of progressive management experience with responsibility for strategic planning and day-to-day operations including project execution, business services, cash flow, and P&L. Mr. Burns spent ten years on Active Duty in the US Coast Guard and managed regional electronic maintenance activities and a massive, national computer network infrastructure project. He then spent 12 years in the Coast Guard Reserve where he was responsible for training and readiness of 220 operational reservists and served on Active Duty during several nationally significant events like the Deepwater Horizon spill. He spent 15 years with the Old Harbor Native Corporation family of companies where he held various senior operational and executive management positions.

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