Luckily, the human race has figured out a way to power the world from the waste we throw away. The landfill gas system you control helps gather, process, and treat the methane gas emitted from decomposing garbage to produce electricity, as well as heat and fuels that reduce greenhouse gas. But what happens when these landfill gas systems break down? It is much more serious than simply not delivering your part of electrical fulfillment. It can be dangerous—not just to your business, but to the ozone layer.

That is why it is imperative to ensure proper construction, installation and maintenance of your landfill gas system.

Landfill Gas System Services

Landfill Gas System Construction & Landfill Gas System Installation

Landfill Gas System

Not just your community, but the entire world counts on you to properly collect and control methane gas emissions produced by your landfill. And that starts with proper landfill gas system construction and installation.

IET’s remote monitoring of gas well systems can detect increased pressure, heat, and liquid levels before they exceed the regulatory thresholds.  Data collected and analysed will produce significant trends. The IET team provides landfill stakeholders peace of mind by efficiently providing complete system installation to ensure peak performance from the first day the landfill opens to closing day and decades beyond.

But we don’t stop there; all landfill components interlink, including your leachate collection system, leachate containment system, and gas system leachate from condensate (not to mention your leachate monitoring system). To ensure the proper installation and operation of one, such as your landfill gas system, you need the only partner that provides a turn-key solution for all components. The only solution is IET.

When the experts at IET construct and install your landfill gas system, your landfill is ready to operate at peak performance.

IET is your turn-key service partner.

Landfill Gas System Maintenance & Landfill Gas System Repairs

With a high-risk job comes heightened responsibility. This means that when a repair is needed, you need to reach out immediately to professionals who can evaluate and fix the issue in a timely manner.

When you need landfill gas system repairs, don’t hesitate to call IET. Our crews and equipment are ready and available for your emergency gas system repairs.

We diagnose your landfill gas system issues and provide detailed recommendations and cost estimates so you can get back to work.

But before it comes to needed emergency repairs, IET can help you maintain your landfill gas system and avoid costly unforeseen fees.

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Landfill Gas System Peace of Mind

There are no guarantees when it comes to landfills. The dirty nature of the business dictates that systems will fail. That is why you need to start with robust landfill gas construction and installation, and maintain your systems with industry leading landfill gas remote monitoring. When you partner with the IET team, you gain peace of mind knowing your business will be protected from Day 1, and issues will be stopped before they become emergencies.

Call for the premier service provider—offering leachate collection system, leachate control, and leachate remote monitoring services—turn to the landfill gas syseexperts at IET. Contact us today.

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