Explosion proof camera & high pressure jet cleaning

Explosion Proof Camer Inspection

"Explosion Proof" Camera Inspections

We provide routine video inspections for compliance reporting utilizing certified “explosion proof” camera systems.

  • Tractor mounted camera for 8″ & larger diameter; 1,300 ft range
  • Push rod camera for 3″ & larger diameter; 500ft range

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Emergency and Investigative Camera Inspections

Our “explosion proof” push camera capability can be rapidly deployed to investigate blockages, pipe failures, and other issues in a variety of systems with diameters as small as 3″.

  • Leachate Collection Systems
  • LFG Wells
  • Condensate Collection Systems
  • Storm Water Collection Systems
Explosion Proof Push Camera
High Pressure Jet Cleaning Equipment

High Pressure Jet Cleaning

We have industry leading jet cleaning equipment and an experienced team to perform routine compliance cleaning as well as non-routine maintenance cleaning of:

  • Leachate collection systems
  • Condensate and storm water structure cleaning

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