Watered in gas wells and condensate sumps can wreak havoc on a landfill gas collection system and pose serious compliance issues. Without proper installation and maintenance of gas well dewatering and condensate system, the task of addressing poor performing gas systems can be daunting. That is why you must work with gas system experts to ensure the proper collection of condensate and storage of leachate.

To ensure peace of mind regarding proper processes and storage potential financial burdens, your collection of leachate condensate from the gas system must be constructed, installed and maintained properly.

Gas Well Dewatering and Condensate System Services

Gas Well Dewatering and Condensate System Installation

A properly installed Gas Well Dewatering and Condensate System ensures reliable operation and is crucial to the overall performance of the Landfill Gas System.  IET has extensive experience installing the air and leachate force main piping, valves, manifolds, well heads and air driven pumps required for robust Gas Well Dewatering and Condensate System operations.

Our experienced crews efficiently provide complete system installation to ensure the Gas Well Dewatering and Condensate System performs as designed from the first dump to closing day and beyond.

.IET is your turn-key service partner.

Gas Well Dewatering and Condensate System Maintenance & Repairs

As mentioned, a poorly functioning Gas Well Dewatering and Condensate System can have a major impact on overall Landfill Gas System performance and can lead to regulatory compliance issues. A thorough maintenance plan is necessary in order to minimize system downtime and maximize landfill gas production. The IET team can help develop a proper maintenance plan and our crews can perform the required preventive maintenance.

Unfortunately, even well-maintained systems are impacted by the harsh landfill environment. When repairs are needed, don’t waste time. Call IET—our crews and equipment are ready and available for your emergency Gas Well Dewatering and Condensate System repairs.

We will diagnose your Gas Well Dewatering and Condensate System issues and provide detailed recommendations and cost estimates to help you get your systems back up and running.

However, to help you avoid costly emergency repairs in the first place, you should consider complete monitoring and maintenance of your leachate gas components.

Learn More About Our Monitoring, Maintenance & Inspection Services

Leachate Gas System Peace of Mind

The nature of landfills—changing weather patterns, extreme temperatures, settling of the waste mass—means Gas Wells will continue to become watered in and Condensate will continue to accumulate in the gas piping. Your job is to manage these realities and mitigate their impact. Technological advances have allowed landfill owners and operators to monitor and collect critical data to evaluate trends and reduce risk in the gas field, creating a safer, cleaner world. When you partner with the IET team, you gain peace of mind knowing your landfill will be protected from the start, and any issues will be stopped before they become critical.

And for the only turn-key service provider—offering leachate collection system, leachate containment system and leachate remote monitoring services—turn to the experts at IET. Contact us today [ Contact us today.

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