In addition to the negative impact, methane has on the ozone layer as a highly destructive greenhouse gas the most significant potential for widespread environmental impact from landfills is the potential to contaminate groundwater, according to Environmental Earth Sciences International. This is why it is imperative to implement compliant leachate environmental monitoring at your landfill site.

In fact, all landfills, regardless of age, require monitoring to ensure there is no adverse effect on ground or surface water. Monitoring is essential because, at some point, all liners will fail. The highest quality liners will experience leakage many decades after a landfill is closed. Others may fail while the landfill is still accepting waste.  Likewise, all landfill gas collection systems will experience issues that require repair.

Whether during landfill construction, during its highest point of operation, or following closure, waste retention should be a high priority to protect the environment. That is why IET focuses on landfill environmental monitoring, including landfill data collection and well field monitoring.

Landfill Gas Remote Monitoring

Landfill Environmental Monitoring Services

Landfill operations and maintenance include regulatory oversight for monitoring and compliance reporting but, more importantly, regular maintenance activities to ensure landfill gas and leachate management systems are operating correctly and are quickly repaired when issues to arise.

Greenhouse Gas Monitoring and Inspection Solutions

Monthly well field monitoring and reporting of existing methane gas recovery systems help ensure greenhouse gas producing operations are compliant with federal and state regulations. Inspections drive the on-site maintenance services to maintain the collection and conveyance systems.

Landfill Gas Well Field Maintenance

Once issues our identified through monitoring activities, the IET team can perform all necessary maintenance and repairs. Our capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Well Field Tuning
  • Dewatering
  • Piping System Repairs
  • Well Head Repairs
  • Finding and repairing leaks

Environmental Sensors

IET has developed a Remote Sensor Solution to support data collection on landfills that will assist landfill owners by augmenting ongoing regulatory compliance efforts. Traditional Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems have limited use across the entire landfill due to power requirements and cost constraints, but with our solution, landfill owners can collect critical parameters (temperature, vacuum, and liquid level) to monitor trends and identify emerging problems before they turn into emergencies.

Why Leachate Environmental Monitoring is Imperative

Regulatory compliance requires collection, monitoring, and reporting of methane gas collection, which is done through vertical wells and horizontal pipe collectors. Monthly checks on well vacuum along with quarterly surface scans are required to verify positive vacuum from the extraction system, so no surface emissions escape into the atmosphere—adding to greenhouse gas.

Monitoring and maintenance of the gas collection system are required 30 years into post-closure. When monitoring results indicate systems are not performing to standards, corrective action items are implemented to maintain performance and compliance.

: Innovations in Landfill Data Collection

There are unique properties in the landfill environment that require specialty services to support monitoring and maintenance activities. Sensors collect data that provide critical monitoring and performance to stakeholders already. Our remote data collection to a pathway for owners, operators, and professionals to see the data from the existing sensors in real time.

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