Containing harmful waste liquids is just as important as collecting it. That is why you must work with the experts when it comes to leachate containment systems. With so many working parts—tanks, piping, control valves, pumps, electrical control panels inside the containment area, routine maintenance is the key to continuous performance.

Partnering with leachate containment system experts gives you peace of mind that your business, bottom line and community are protected.

Leachate Containment System Services

Leachate Containment System Construction & Leachate Containment System Installation

Leachate Collection System Control Panel

When your job is to control waste, leachate, landfill gas, rain and surface water, you can’t do it alone. Safe collection and storage can only be achieved when all the components of the tank farm are installed and maintained by the pros.

Such serious responsibilities require high quality products at the best value. You can count on IET to maintain the electrical and mechanical components of your leachate containment system on a routine basis. Additionally, our experienced crews provide complete, turn-key installation of all the mechanical piping and electrical controls inside the containment system.

When the experts at IET construct and install your leachate containment system, your landfill
is setup to run effectively and efficiently every day, from build out to close out—and beyond.

Not sure which containment operating system is best suited for your needs? We can help with that, too.

IET is your turn-key service partner.

Leachate Containment System Maintenance & Leachate Containment System Repairs

Leachate is dirty business. When a repair is needed, don’t waste time with the other guys. Our crews and equipment are ready and available for your emergency repairs.

We will diagnose your leachate containment system issues and provide detailed recommendations for repairs to ensure you are once again operating at peak levels.

To avoid emergency repairs—and their hefty costs—work with IET to ensure proper leachate containment system maintenance. We also provide jetting and video inspection services should you need them.

Learn More About Our Monitoring, Maintenance & Inspection Services

Leachate Containment System Peace of Mind

When leachate containment is part of your job description, you can’t afford unreliable construction or installation, or undependable maintenance or repairs. When you partner with the IET team, you will gain peace of mind knowing issues will be remedied by the best in the business.

And for the only turn-key service provider—offering leachate collection system, leachate containment system and leachate remote monitoring services—turn to the experts at IET. Contact us today [ Contact us today.

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