Our leachate collection system (lcs) services

Leachate Collection System

Leachate Collection System Construction

Our experienced crews efficiently install leachate collection systems and ensure they perform as designed. Call us to discuss the benefits of a turn-key service partner.

Leachate Collection System Control Panel

New Panel Installation and Upgrades

We thoroughly evaluate the Leachate Collection System and make best management practices recommendations to improve operations and maintenance. Contact us to learn how!

Leachate Piping Repair

Leachate and Condensate Collection System Repairs

We offer a wide range of landfill leachate collection system & control system repair services. Call us for immediate repair scheduling.

Leachate system construction & installations

Truck Loadout System

Complete System Installation

Complete system installations including piping, pumps, and controls

Meters & Monitoring

Flow meters, submersible level sensors, and remote data acquisition


Installation of single and dual contained HDPE pipe; pressure testing


Multiple control panel offerings including:

  • Simplex
  • Duplex
  • “Dry Run”
  • Truck Loadout (including batch control)

We provide expert assistance to determine which controller is best suited for the client’s application.

Leachate collection system monitoring & maintenance

Leachate Collection System Control Panel

Routine Maintenance

Complete maintenance of leachate system components including both electric and pneumatic pumps, control panels, sensors and flow meters. We also provide jetting and video inspection services.

Remote Leachate Collection System Monitoring

Our remote monitoring solution

  • Automatically generate, store and tabulate data for reporting and trend analysis
  • Send notifications of system issues or alarms based client defined set points
  • Enable constant and verifiable confidence in your system operations

Contact us to learn more about how we can deploy our leachate & gas monitoring sensors at your site. See more details about our remote monitoring systems.

LFG Extraction Well Installation

Complete vertical well installation, well raising and in-situ well casing perforating

Condensate Management Systems

Installation of both electric and pneumatic condensate pumps, sump level remote monitoring and sump cleaning and maintenance.

Leachate & condensate system repairs

Leachate Collection System Valve Replacement

Emergency Repairs

Our experienced crews and equipment are available for emergency repairs – call (863)-868-8348 to schedule!

Diagnostic Services

We will diagnose your leachate collection system issues and provide detailed recommendations and cost estimates to bring your system back to optimum performance.

Repair Services Available

  • Electric and Pneumatic Pumps
  • Pump Control Panels
  • Pipe Repairs

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